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Rgyas rdzong (Jizong) Village is located in Kha mdo (Shuizi) Township, Rong brag (Danba) County, which is one of the eighteen counties in Dkar mdzes (Ganzi) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, PR China. Rgyas rdzong is home to twenty-five households (130 Tibetans. Villagers cultivate barley, potatoes, wheat, peas, prickly ash (Sichuan pepper), apples, English walnuts, pears, and corn.

Rgyas rdzong villagers, and residents of nearby Khrod ro (Changna) and La rgyal (Najiao) villages speak nearly the same distinctive Tibetan dialect. Qiangic-related languages are spoken in such neighboring villages as Dung gi (Dongge), Dge hri drags yis (Geshizha), and Pa lde (Ba di) villages.

G.yung 'brug (b. 1985), a native of Rgyas rdzong Village, recorded the song presented here. He learned the song from his mother A mtsho (b. 1958), who sang the song when she was in forests collecting mushrooms in the hole local deities would protect her. G.yung 'brug sang this song in forests with his brothers when he was about eleven years old, cutting firewood. Local people do not understand the words of the song. G.yung 'brug sang and recorded this song on 15 January 2010.