Architectural reliquaries housing relics are known in Tibetan as chortens, and in Sanskrit as eitherstupas or chaityas. In the region of northeast ethnographic Tibet known as Amdo, there arechortens in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Some are monumental and have a huge presence in the landscape. Some are confined within the walls of a monastery, and house the relics of famous lamas. Other small ones are within personal shrines, or are painted on walls or ceilings. In the Buddhist culture of Amdo, chortens are particularly prominent. Here is a selection of chortens photographed between January and March 2002 by Rob Linrothe, mainly in and around Rongwo (Chinese: Tongren) in the region of Amdo known as Rebgong (Chinese: Huangnan), with Dr. Linrothe's comments.