Kunhgi kilena Huzhuni kun ghuran leng durasi wuqi shdana gina. Jub jubni kilejinni Mongghulni kilena. Budahgi mulani sghuudi kunhgi kijeeda durasi wuqina. Ziyog qi durasini gharighasa dii rdexi guisada liguna. Ali yingan ali sghuudida durasisa hajira shdan gua. Ai durasi wuqiguni luannajida fosi gua. Kunhgi nigezhinzi wuqigu yang shdocha dolaguna. Nigezhinzi dolagu yang wuqilidiguna. Dii sasari kashija pughaji yangyin zhuanlana. Hana pughalidigunida gua, sonoglagunida gua. Ai niumalangha dii furaxja, diidangmala salidan gua. Lalang kunhgi handiladigu nigiiji wuqisada kuja qinjiwa. Conoglagu pughalidagu. Nijeeri kun durasina jilaxja, nijeeri kun wuqisada nigiiji wuqigu kuja smugeeridini yiudiguna. Lalang kunhgi shdocha dolaguna muden gua, yangyin zhuanlaji kashija pughaguna muden gua.

These Danma Mongghul Drinking Songs were filmed by Jugui 7 April 2002 in Larilang Village, Danma Town, Huzhu Mongghul (Tu) Autonomous County, Haidong Region, Qinghai Province, PR China. Later, on 19 May 2003, Jugui and Limusishiden converted the video into a DVD at his home in Xining. The singers in this DVD all speak Mongghul as their mother tongue:

Mr. Zhumasirang (b. 1948), illiterate, speaks the local Chinese dialect.
Mr. Limusirang (b. 1960), illiterate, has some competency in the local Chinese dialect.
Mr. Chuangsinbog (b. 1964), middle school educated.
Ms. Danjansuu (b. 1968), illiterate, has some competency in the local Chinese dialect.

The four all are from Larilang Village, Danma Town.

Mongghul customarily drink a great deal. When guests visit a home, they are welcomed with liquor in front of the host's gate. Guests are offered liquor again once seated and throughout their stay, and offered liquor again at the gate as they leave. Parties were times of considerable liquor consumption and great merriment. Drinking songs were sung in Tibetan and Mongghul. However, after 1990, less liquor was consumed. Young people avoid drinking occasions, in part because they worry about conflict that may ensue at such events. Nowadays, young people are unable to sing drinking songs and make jokes with the gusto and verve of the older generation.