Limusishidedn (Li Dechun and Kevin Stuart. 1996. English-in-Mongghul: Monghulla Yinyii. Weiyuan zhen [Weiyuan Town] Huzhu Mongghul Autonomous County, Qinghai Province, PR China: Huzhu yinshuachang [Huzhu Publishing Station]. 96pp. Softbound.

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Published with support from the Canada-China Support Unit in Beijing, English-In-Mongghul: Mongghulla Yinyii is one of the few texts ever published teaching a foreign language in one of China's minority languages, in this case, the Huzhu Mongghul language.

During the Lunar New Year period of 1997, a television program recorded by Dr. Limusishiden and K Stuart in 1995, was broadcast twice by the Huzhu County TV Station. This broadcast was made possible by support from the Canada Fund. The recorded program followed the text with Dr. Limusishiden reading the Mongghul portion and Dr. Stuart reading the English portion. One thousand texts were printed and distributed free of charge to Mongghul-speaking middle school students in Huzh County just prior to the Lunar New Year holiday.

The video program that accompanies the text may be viewed and downloaded at the sites below: