Water Project in Dongkor Tibetan Community

What? Clean Running Water for 1,021 Tibetan residents (271 households: 621 males and 400 females) and 53,200 head of livestock (50,000 sheep and 3,200 yaks) in a Tibetan herding community.

Where? Dongkor སྟོང་སྐོར༏ Village, Gomang མགོ་མང་༏ Township, Guinan མང་རྫོང་༏ County, Hainan མཚོ་ལྷོ༏ Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, PR China
When? 10 October 2010

Cost? The German Embassy contributed 70,132RMB and the local contribution was 95,000RMB for a total project value of 165,132RMB.

Dear German Embassy,

We are pleased to report the successful implementation of a running water project that provides ample and clean water to 1,021 Tibetan residents (271 households: 621 males and 400 females) and 53,200 head of livestock (50,000 sheep and 3,200 yaks) in Dongkor Tibetan Community.

With 74,640RMB contributed by the German Embassy on 27 May 2010 and 95,000RMB provided by the local community, FCA has successfully completed this running water project. The local Water Bureau and government offered technical support and advice throughout project implementation.

Dongkor is a Tibetan herding community thirty kilometers south of Gomang Township. For generations, locals living on the grassland traveled seven to eight kilometers per roundtrip from their households to the nearest water sources.

Fetching water was the biggest problem in Dongkor Community. Before the project, locals carried plastic water containers and used donkeys to pull carts to fetch water using old tractors inner tubes as water containers or old oil barrels. During the rainy season, locals rarely utilized the carts. Instead, women had to carry water (10 – 25 kg), while men herded livestock. When there were storms, locals collected rainwater to drink.

Due to the lack of water, many locals did not wash their clothing nor bathe. Locals were unaware of basic hygiene and sanitation. Furthermore, there were frequent conflicts between neighboring families and communities in getting water because watering livestock meant driving livestock across others' pastures to the water sources, which dramatically degraded the pastures. This project brought running water to Dongkor Community and the aforementioned problems no longer exist.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the German Embassy for this clean running water project that ensures the sustainability of local water and provides a better life for the community.


Nangchukja / Robert
Friendship Charity Association