Chen Zhaojun 陈照俊, Li Xinzhong 李兴忠, Lü Jinliang 吕金良, Keith W. Slater, Kevin Stuart, Wang Xianzhen 王献珍, Wang Yongwei 王永伟, Wang Zhenlin 王振玪, Xin Huaizhi 辛怀志, Zhu Meilan 朱梅兰, Zhu Shanzhong 朱山忠, Zhu Wenhui 朱文辉, and Zhu Yongzhong 朱永忠. 2005. Folktales of China’s Minhe Mangghuer. Muenchen: Lincom Europa.

In the east-central portion of Northwest China’s Qinghai Province dwell the majority of China's Monguor (Tu) nationality, classified as one of China's fifty-six official ethnic groups and numbering 190,000 (1990). The 37,900 Minhe Mangghuer, dwelling in Minhe Hui and Mangghuer (Tu) County, are the second largest Monguor group.

Minhe Mangghuer (language) is of primarily Mongolic lexicon and morphosyntax while, at the same time, exhibiting massive lexical and phonological influences from Chinese. This collection of more than twenty folktales are presented in the Mangghuer written system (based on a modified pinyin system), English translation and extensive notes and provides valuable linguistic materials on this endangered Monguor dialect that exists nowhere else. Map, illustrations.

ISBN 3895862541. Languages of the World/Text Library 01. 280pp. 2005.

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