We respectfully report on the completion of the Basic Education Supplies for Ganglha Tibetan Kindergarten Project in Qinghai. The German Embassy granted 65,000RMB on August 9, 2011, plus 1,9784RMB provided by Jiayi Village Ganglha Kindergarten, ensured the successful completion of this project.

Prior to the project, this community lacked funds to provide such basic necessities as sports equipment, teaching materials, and children’s interest books. Students caught cold easily in winter due to lack of good windows and poor classroom conditions. Many also remained at home while unqualified teachers misguided those who were at school. School was boring without proper books and education materials. Consequently, students found it extremely difficult to catch up with study when entering grade one.

An estimated 8.5 million children aged from 3 to 5 live in villages in West China, and only 30 percent of them are admitted to kindergartens, according to statistics from the China Development Research Foundation.[1]

With funds from the German Embassy, FCA bought adequate basic education supplies, children’s books, sports equipment, and repaired the classrooms that provided a better environment for study. Professional trainers trained the local teachers in Xining.

Class curricula were designed by the education bureau and except Chinese class, other textbooks are in Tibetan language. Children’s books were placed in a room and opened for children.

This project also provides a good example of a superior Tibetan kindergarten to the surrounding communities. It also encourages the local education bureau to support similar projects with reasonable budgets to other communities.

The local government provides 5,000RMB per teacher per year and 3,500RMB per year for food stipend for all the students. The local community committee meets the remaining expenses. Consequently, this project is sustainable.

Finally, we thank the German Embassy for this project that is greatly benefitting marginalized Tibetan children and providing a promising educational opportunity for their future.


Nangchukja / Robert


Friendship Charity Association

[1], accessed November 16 2011