Project Summary - German Embassy Supported Project

We respectfully report on the completion of the Medical Supplies and Health Clinic for a Rural Minority Community Project in Qinghai Province. The sum of 70,000RMB granted by the German Embassy on June 8, 2011, plus 37,483RMB provided by the village committee, ensured the successful completion of this project.

Prior to the project, the local village lacked funds to build a clinic and government did not provide financial assistance. Community members lived near the Yellow River until 2009 when the government resettled part of the community, that live closer to the river, to the current location. Locals formerly traveled to the local county town (10 – 15 km) for medical treatment, spending 10 - 15RMB per person per round-trip.

Local Tibetans lacked basic knowledge of sanitation and hygiene, resulting in STDs, flu, eye diseases, hepatitis, accidental injuries, and high infant mortality. Unprotected sex was common among village teenagers, most of whom had never seen a condom. Locals were too embarrassed to see a doctor once they acquired an STD. As a result, STDs (especially among women) quickly worsened and spread – locals did not understand how latent STDs negatively affect their life. Many teenage girls fell pregnant before marriage, leading to conflicts.

Furthermore, a lack of proper medical treatment in the village led to serious complications from worsening diseases. Local cultural norms dictated that girls and young women are generally too embarrassed to see doctors.

With German Embassy support, locals now have a clinic stocked with an initial supply of medicines and staffed with an experienced Tibetan doctor. This clinic reduces by 2 – 4 hours the time needed to seek medical treatment, and saves 10 – 15RMB per person per trip to consult a doctor. The local doctor was also assigned to raise awareness of basic sanitation and hygiene by talking personally with patients. A health-training program was designed annually to raise awareness of basic hygiene.

We thank the German Embassy for bringing people healthier lives.


Nangchukja / Robert


Friendship Charity Association