Spring China Trip Planned

January 16, 2010

We'll be heading back to China in March so please keep us in your prayers as we minister to unreached Tibetan Buddhists and Muslims in the northwestern provinces.
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Day-by-day Report on the Recent China Outreach

November 29, 2009

Started our adventure by leaving Xining on the 7:15am bus for Henan.

Henan - Tibetan town. I was possibly there before and restricted to our room about four years ago. Huge police station in town with a big horse statue in front. Stayed in a round hotel for 120.00 yuan. Only gave my name and "USA" for ID. No passport. The ride from Xining took about 7 hours by bus. Lots of mountains, yaks, sheep and snow capped mountains. Large Buddhist population with shrines seen often. Approx. 500 tracts were distributed in Tibetan and Chinese. set out from hotel at 9:30pm for the outskirts of town. Made it back to the hotel by 2:30am. Hotel was locked with bicycle chain so we had to squeeze through.

When we were leaving the hotel in the morning, we had to wake the girl behind the counter. She fiddled around for about 15 minutes but never produced the room deposit. Had to leave without the $8.00.

Left for Maqu on the 7:30am bus. Luggage piled on the roof and very overcrowded. The aisles were filled with cases of Pepsi and large sacks or who-knows-what. A bird flew into the bus window and had to be caught an thrown out. Lots of snow capped mountains. Yak and sheep are tended to by nomads who live in yurts. A child kept peeking a Gabriel from the seat in front of us. He eventually got up the nerve to reach out and touch the "white guy". The roads to Maqu were often dirt and very remote.

Maqu - Arrived at 2:00pm. Hotel cost 180 RMB. Left the room at 10:10pm. Distributed 70 Tibetan and 550 Chinese tracts. Returned to the hotel at 1:30am. We were locked out again so we had to climb a tall gate and enter a rear door from the back parking area.

Hezheng - Arrived at 2:00pm after a 7 hour bus and van ride. I met a Tibetan on the bus and gave him a Gospel tract and two books in English. He wented them to help with his English. The books were, "Bruchko" and "Called to Die" (about a Wycliffe Bible Translator martyr). We exchanged e-mails and I will follow-up with him.

When we got to town after an hour long van ride, a man who rode in the van with us showed us to the hotel. The receptionist was clueless as to how to check us "foreigners" in with our passports. The man signified that the police would need to see our passports. He then took out his own identification and signed us into the hotel under his name so we wouldn't have to deal with the police. Very helpful fellow! He wanted us to enjoy the sights in China.

Left the room at 10:30pm and made it back by 12:15am. Distributed approximately 550 tracts. No street lights in town. Mostly Muslim. The door was locked but they eventually opened the gate and door for us. The hotel cost 70 RMB. There was no bus station in town. The closest bus station was an hour away in Hesua. Had to hire a van to take us there.

Left Hezheng at 7:30am for Linxia. Had to get the bus in Hezua. Couldn't get a bus from Hezua to Dongxiang or Linxia. had to take a van. Arrived in Dongxiang at 9:30am.

Dongxiang - Beautiful view from this mountaintop town. Nearly all Muslim. Shopped, checked e-mail and broke our sink!! Distributed approx. 800 tracts. Upon leaving the hotel in the morning, I only got a partial deposit back. The sink cost me $3.00. Left town by getting a ride in a truck along the road at 7:30am.

Took the truck to Lanzhou and then caught a ride in a van to the Lanzhou bus station. No buses to Xiji until 7:00am the next day so we took a bus at 10:30am to a town just south of Xiji. Got another ride from there to Xiji and arrived at 6:00pm after 10 1/2 hours on the road by truck, big bus, small bus and taxi.

Xiji - rather large town with a large Muslim population. Obviously this town doesn't get many white visitors by the looks and stares we get from the locals. Finally made it to our hotel at 8:15pm. We got less than 2 hours sleep when we got up to start our street work. Realizing that our bus ride the next day would be very long again and we would again not get much sleep in the next town, we decided to forego tract distribution in this town so we could get a little sleep. Another team will have to hit Xiji ! At check-out the next morning we had a delay as the police were there already waiting to see us. The officer copied information from our passports and then found a man who spoke some broken english. we were asked where we came from and where we were going. Also asked what we did while in Xiji and why we were there. I told him we were tourists and that we had not left the room since our arrival (the truth). We were told, "Xiji, No Tourists!" we were not welcome there. Before we had time to hail a cab on the street, another policeman asked what we were doing there. Got a cab to the bus station and an express bus for Yinchuan. Then another bus for Shizuishan.

Shizuishan - Arrived at 6:30pm. When we got to the city, we were told that the city name was changed to Huinong qu about two years ago. Distributed over 800 tracts that night. Caught the 8:20am bus in the morning for Alashanzuo.

Alashanzuo - This town has an upper-class shopping district along the main street with expensive stores. Gabriel and I were crumbing lots of dark alleys in an area with much housing. After we had worked for approx. 2 hours, we were heading down an alley when a couple turned into the alley and headed toward us. We turned around and began walking in the opposite direction. The couple followed us out to the main street. we crossed the street and the man began to yell at us. We ignored and after a while crossed the street again. They followed. We jumped in a cab and went 4 or 5 blocks before getting out to continue our work. After about fifteen minutes, we noticed that a cab was slowly following us at a distance. We turned a corner and then down an alley and the cab followed. When we walked past a road obstruction the couple got out of the cab to follow us on foot. We turned down a couple sde streets and then jumped into another cab. As we pulled away, we saw the couple likewise get a cab to continue their pursuit. With a little distance between us, the pursuing cab didn't see us make a U-turn around a corner and head back toward them. We passed them as they were looking around trying to locate us. We directed our driver to our hotel and quickly entered without being seen. 600 tracts were distributed this night.

Zhongwei - Arrived at noon. We tossed tract bundles along the way from the bus window but had very few targets. Those we tossed them to quickly picked them up and read them. Mostly desert on the way to this city. It is a rather big place. The hotel cost 280 RMB. Had to have my temperature taken upon signing into the hotel and was instructed to take it again in the morning due to China's Swine Flu concerns. Distributed approx. 500 tracts that night.

Upon leaving the next morning, we just missed the early bus so had to wait at the station for the 11:30 bus. The ticket office said that there was no bus from Zhongwei to Wuwei which was to be our connecting town so we had to get a us to a different town and then catch a 4;00pm bus to Wuwei. we arrived in Wuwei at 8:00pm. Since we were only half wat to our final destination and were not likely to make it there that night, we got a hotel room in Wuwei with plans to continue on in the morning.

In the morning, we arrived at the small bus station to buy tickets for Zhangye which was to be a tranfer town along the route to our next target town. They refused to sell me tickets despite the fact that a bus was heading there. I went round and round with them but the ticket lady wouldn't budge. They kept showing me a paper about an insurance company in China. I wasn't budging since i didn't want to just be stranded in that town. Eventually a man with one of the buses took 100 RMB from me and gave it to the woman, telling her to sell me the tickets. She tossed the money back. He then took the payment himself and directed me to the bus to bus. From Zhangye we had to take a taxi to Minle.
Minle - Arrived in town at 2:00pm on Nov. 9. Distributed approx. 575 tracts. This was a large town with plenty of dark areas to crumb. Left town on the 10:40 bus for Menyuan after waiting around the station for several hours. The bus taking us to Menyuan was driven by a very sleepy man! I'm glad we made it safely.

Menyuan - Poor town and rather run-down even by China standards. They were not at all used to seeing foreigners. Constantly stared at. Distributed 500 tracts. and left the next morning with Eugene. During our 5 hour drive in his van, we (Gabriel, E........., H....... and I) used up 2,000 tracts as we traveled through hard to reach areas (except by car) including one Buddhist monastery.
Eventually we were dropped off and caught a bus for Guanting.

Guanting - Hotel had no water or heat. The room cost 60 RMB (approx. $8.00). A small oscillating heater took the edge off of the cold as it snowed outside. The bathroom smelled so bad that the door had to be kept shut. The heat could not be run as we slept due to the sparks and noise coming from the electrical outlet that was used to power the heater. The two cups that were given to us to use for making tea melted when the hot water was poured into them. Interesting place. we distributed 200 + tracts in Guanting. It was a rather small town and it was snowing and wet.

Xiahe - 70 tract bundles and booklets were placed in the large monastery and at the doors of the monks quarters. We spent the day with a young monk named Adam. 1,000 monks live in the monastery.

Guanghe - 90% muslim. Rather large town. The bus driver didn't know we wanted to be let off in Guanghe so he drove on through. We had him let us out a couple miles out ofg town and started walking back. Flagged down a passing bus which brought us back to town. Distributed approx. 1,500 tracts all over town. We were followed for a short time so we moved to the opposite end of town to continue our work.

On the next morning we began our long trip home.

All praise to YHWH for a successful trip!