Wang Xianzhen, writer; Zhu Yongzhong and Kevin Stuart, editors. 2001. Mangghuerla Bihuang Keli [Mangghuer Folktale Reader]. Chengdu, China-Chengdu Audio Press.

Mangghuer, or Minhe Mangghuer (Tu), is spoken by about 25,000 people in Minhe Hui and Mangghuer (Tu) Autonomous County, Haidong Region, Qinghai Province, PR China, just north of the Yellow River that divides Qinghai and Gansu provinces. Mangghuer has only recently been described as a language in its own right (See Keith W. Slater. 2003. Mangghuer in Juha Janhunen, editor, The Mongolic Languages. Routledge: New York. pp. 307-324).

Published through the generosity of The Bridge Fund, the twenty-three folktales in this collection are written in Mangghuer that broadly follows Chinese pinyin. This system is easily understood by primary and middle school students. This book's selections were collected by Wang Xianzhen and Zhu Yongzhong in 1996 from Mangghuer villages in Minhe County using a sound recorder. They were later transcribed into Mangghuer and then edited. This is the first book ever written in Mangghuer. It was distributed to Mangghuer students. The preface is written in Minhe Mangghuer and translated into Huzhu Mongghul (Limusishiden), English, Chinese, Tibetan, Spanish (Manuel Lopez), Finnish (Juha Janhunen), Malay (Gillian Tan), Romanian (Alexandru Anton-Luca), German (Hildegard Diemberger), French (Lorraine de Beaufort), and Swedish (Kristoffer Lindqvist).

Audio files of the Mangghuer folktales as read by Wang Xianzhen, may be heard/ downloaded at: