This video was filmed in Mangla Village, Qianhe Township, Minhe Hui and Mangghuer (Tu) Autonomous County, Haidong Region, Qinghai Province, PR China by འཕགས་པ་དོན་འགྲུབ། ('phags pa don 'grub/ Puhua Dongzhi) and Ha Mingzong on 27 September 2005. The Mangla Nadun features huishou (nadun players), drummers, and gong beaters. Such programs as Sanjiang and Zhuangjiaqi are not performed, unlike as in certain other Mangghuer nadun. However, Mangla does invite several fashi to perform and mani nainai (old mani ladies) recite scripture near the nadun performance area. The fala (spirit medium) played an important role in 2005. He pierced one of his cheeks with a spike and, though more than eighty years of age, was active throughout the several-hour nadun ritual. He also spoke Mangghuer from years of travelling in Mangghuer areas. Most Mangla residents, though classified as Mangghuer (Tu), do not speak Mangghuer.

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For more on the nadun, see Stuart, Kevin and Hu Jun. 1993. That All May Prosper: The Monguor Nadun of the Guanting/Sanchuan Region.. ANTHROPOS 88, 15-27. which may be downloaded here, thanks to kind permission from the Anthropos Institute.