We thank Ms. Elsie and HQF and are delighted to report on the successful completion of the running water project for Shaja Tibetan Community. A clean and ample supply of water is now available to 274 households and their 39,438 head of livestock.

With 33,900RMB contributed by Ms. Elsie Wu, plus 126,000RMB provided by the government and Shaja Community, running water has been brought to the community

Shaja is a Tibetan herding community located eighteen kilometers northwest of Gomang Township Town. For generations, locals have been living on the grassland, and seeking a perennial water source. Water was the most critical problem in Shaja Community. Before this project, there was no water tap within the community. The two nearest water sources (seven km single trip) were used by seven communities. The limited number of taps created serious disputes. Donkey carts, motorcycles, and old inner tubes were used to fetch and contain water. Those who lived farthest from the taps spent much time traveling to the source. Furthermore, many poor families lacked motorcycles and tractors and their donkey carts could haul only fifty to seventy-five kilograms of water―enough for two days worth of tea and nothing else. Furthermore, grassland degradation worsened with livestock being driven once every two days to the water source. Consequently, grass was damaged, depriving livestock of a food source.

This water project brought three water taps to Shaja Community, which greatly decreased the distance and time previously spent on accessing and hauling water; reduced grassland degradation; and has resulted in less friction between local communities and families.

We extend our sincere appreciation to Ms. Elsie and HQF for this clean running water project that has greatly improved locals’ living conditions.

Nangchukja / Robert
Friendship Charity Association

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