Ma Wei, Ma Jianzhong, and Kevin Stuart, editors. 2001. Folklore of China’s Islamic Salar Nationality. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen.

This volume contains folklore selections written first in the Salar written system, the same selection rendered in the International Phonetic Alphabet, followed by an English translation. This is the first time such an extensive collection of Salar literature has been written in the Salar’s own writing system and it is the first anthology of the folklore translated into English with Salar and IPA counterparts. With Illustrations.

Table of Contents
Table of contents (main headings): Preface by Arienne Dwyer Introduction; Origins; Memorable Characters; Family Values Romance Brotherhood; Myths; Humor; Proverbs; Children’s Songs, Work Songs, Lullabies; Love Songs; Song of Praise; Baxi Gaga; Endnotes; Bibliography; Index; Tables