Friendship Charity Association is pleased to report on the successful completion of two library book projects in Markog and Rtse mda villages in Markog Township, Badma Couinty, Goluk Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, PR China. A Bangkok Patana Primary School’s contribution of 16,962.29RMB and Ms. Dana R. Nicholson’s contribution of 3,665.56RMB, plus, 7,000RMB in local contribution, make this library book project possible. It is now benefiting thirteen local teachers and 279 Tibetan students.

Previously locals had no library and students had no chance to read any books except textbooks. Teachers had to travel about 46 kilometers to the local county town seat to purchase teaching reference materials.

This situation has changed dramatically with the two libraries having dictionaries, storybooks, children’s books, and teachers’ reference materials in Tibetan, English, and Chinese languages. The libraries operate according to regulations and the librarians are students from above grade three, as well as teachers. The librarians open and close the library under the supervision of library managers.

Since the creation of these two libraries, students have shown impressive interest in using the books in the new libraries. Due to previous experiences of lacking books, students and teachers value the new books. In sum, these books and the libraries provide a new, much expanded learning environment for students and teachers to enrich their knowledge and reading skills beyond school textbooks.

On behalf of all the teachers and students, we extend our sincere appreciation to A Bangkok Patana Primary School and Ms. Dana R. Nicholson for providing this useful gift.

Friendship Charity Association