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Tibetan Development Assistance Trust Supports Six Tibetan Students

Report by Lerjiater (Aaron)

In 2010, the Tibetan Development Assistance Trust provided 20,144 RMB in scholarship funding for four outstanding Qinghai university and two pre-university students studying at Northwest Nationalities University (Lanzhou); Qinghai Nationalities University (Xining); Qinghai Normal University (Xining) and Qinghai University (Xining). Without this assistance, it is likely the students would have discontinued their university education. These students are from rural areas of Qinghai. Their parents are farmers with very limited income.

If, in reading this summary and report, you would like to contribute to these students who continue to need support, please contact:

Mr. Lerjiater ཀླུ་རྒྱལ་ཐར།, Director

Shar Dzong Development Group

1033, Xin San Jian Hua Yuan, Chengxi District, Nanshan Zhong Street, Xining City, Qinghai Province, PR China


Tel: 139-9748-3719