Asian Highlands Perspectives is pleased to announce Volume 50: THE MAGICIAN by Dbang rgyal don grub and Tshe ring rdo rje who present what may be the first play/script written in English by Tibetans in China. The focus is on "the deeply rooted dependence many Tibetans have on religion and religious figures, some of whom are frauds and use religion as a tool for personal gain." Mtsho mo features prominently in this play and meets a tragic end based on her belief in and involvement with a spirit medium. THE MAGICIAN provides better understanding of intergenerational attitudes and behaviors of devotees of local religion, relationships between practitioners and their assistants; circumstances that lead to consulting a practitioner; the legal system's attempts to deal with complaints; how Tibetan women interpret their roles, especially in times of family discord; and insights into the future of spirit mediums conducting rituals in homes. These perceptions of complex realities in the spiritual realm contribute to a better understanding of local belief and conduct, and possible outcomes.