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Thanks to the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Beijing for providing 126,812 RMB. This, plus the local contribution of 113,710 RMB, created a running water project that has directly benefited 540 Tibetan people in Wanzhu Village since 15 August 2009. The villagers contributed labour, sand, stones, and 3,400 RMB in cash for the project.

The running water in every household's courtyard means that the villagers no longer need to walk 600-700 meters to haul water in the summer and 2.5 km to carry water on their shoulders in winter. The big burden of hauling water for girls and women has ended and village sanitation has improved. Before the project, an able-bodied adult needed to stay at home to haul water. This prevented them from leaving the village to earn outside income. This is no longer the case. Villagers will have more income. Villagers can now grow vegetables near their home, which was impossible before the running water project.

Prior to the project, villagers drank water from the Yellow River, which is heavily polluted from sewage and corpses that are dumped into the water from a city and several villages upstream. The new running water supply is from a spring above the village, which is very clean.