English For Bilingual Speakers: Tibetan Customs

by Plateau English Education Team

Topics English in Tibetan, ESL materials for teaching Tibetans, culturally appropriate English learning materials for Tibetans, TESL for Tibetans, TEFL for Tibetans

This English reading textbook was written by the Plateau English Education Team. This book is at the Intermediate Level 1. It is suitable for intermediate level English learners who wish to improve their English while learning about Tibetan customs. There are 108 short texts presented in 12 units. Each unit is graded from easiest to most difficult. Each text deals with a different custom and introduces several new words. Tibetan and Chinese translations are provided for all new words. All the new words are listed at the back of the book in alphabetical order. Audio files of each text are available at http:/www.plateauenglish.org/108-tibetan-customs.html.