Dawa འགུ་རུ་འཕྲིན་ལས།

advantage ཕན་ཐོགས།

apparent མངོན་གསལ་དོད་པོ།
bully ཐུབ་ཚོད་གཏོང་བ།
choice གདམ་གསེས།
community སྡེ་བ།
contrast ཁྱད་ཆོས།
dead ཤི་བ།
escape བྲོས་པ།
face གདོང་ལེན་བྱེད་པ།
fright འཇིགས་སྐྲག
ghost འདྲེ།
pack ཐུམ་རྒྱག
return ཕྱིར་ལོག་པ།
radio རླུང་འཕྲིན།
rope ཐག་པ།
survive འཚོ་བ།
stupid གླེན་པ།
scold གཤེ་གཤེ་གཏོང་བ།
upset ཡིད་སུན་པོ།
voice ངག
wise བློ་གྲོས་ཅན།
weapon མཚོན་ཆ་།
Tsomo མཚོ་མོ
Dawa ཟླ་བ


Tsomo was a wise, nice woman. She had a gentle voice. Dawa was her only son. In contrast, he was stupid and mean. But he was strong. Fighting well was his advantage. His father was dead. He died three years ago. Mother and son lived in their home community. The community people were not kind to them. Some boys often bullied him. Dawa had to face many problems.

One day, his mother went to herd yaks. He stayed at home and listened to ghost story on the radio. Suddenly a dog began barking. He went to the door. A man was riding a black horse. He was riding toward Dawa's home. The man said to Dawa. Your father owed me lots of money. You are going to give it back to me or I will kill your mother.”

Dawa was not frightened. First he felt upset. He had a stupid idea. He thought, "My best choice is to kill him. Then he took a hard piece of wood with a long yak-skin rope. He turned swung it and hit the other man’s head with it. The man bled and soon died.

Dawa's mother soon returned home. She was angry with her son. She scolded him for some minutes. Then she thought and had a good idea. She wanted her son to escape here before the police come. She wanted her son to survive. She packed food and clothes for her son. Then he got on a strong horse with a rifle.

Mothers are always concerned about their sons.

Soon, her hair became white and very apparent to everyone.


1 Who was Dawa?

2 Who was Tsomo?
3 When did his father die?
4 Who owed money?
5 Why killed the man? Why?
6 Who herded yaks?
7 Who was wise?
8 Who was stupid?
9 Who stayed at home?
10 Why did he go out outside?
11 Who rode a black horse?
12 Do you like black horses? Why?
13 Who said, "I will kill your mother?" Why did he say that?
14 Who was not frightened?
15 How did Dawa kill the man?
16 Who returned home?
17 Who packed food?
18 Who wanted her son to survive from the danger? Why?
19 Why was she concerned about her son?
20 Do you like this story? Why or why not?

These sentences are all wrong. Correct each sentence. Make each sentence true.

1 Tsomo was a wise, nice man.

2 She had a loud voice.

3 Dawa was her only daughter.

4 He was not stupid.

5 He was very kind.

6 Cooking well was his advantage.

7 His father lived in town.

8 He married three years ago.

9 Mother and son lived far from their home community.

10 The community people were kind to them.

11 Some girls often bullied him.

12 Dawa had no problems.

13 One day, his father went to herd yaks.

14 His mother stayed at home.

15 She listened to songs on the radio.

16 Suddenly a cat began barking.

17 She went to the door.

18 A man was riding a black yak.