What? Irrigation Ditch and Reservoir Repair Project for 1,300 mu (86.71 hectares) of cropland
for 1,047 Tibetan residents in a Tibetan farming village.
Where? Demang སྡེ་མང་༏ Village, Shagou བྱ་མདོ༏ Township, Guinan མང་རྫོང་༏ County, Hainan མཚོ་ལྷོ༏ Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai མཚོ་སྔོན༏ Province, PR China
When? 10 October 2010
Cost? 1) The German Embassy contributed 79,000RMB
2) Local Contribution: 77,400RMB

Dear German Embassy,

We thank the German Embassy for generously making this running water and irrigation project possible. Through our past water and irrigation projects, we have seen how these projects bring far-reaching and sustainable impact to poor communities.

We are pleased to report on the satisfactory completion of the Irrigation Ditch and Reservoir Repair Project for Demang Tibetan Village. On 13 August 2010, 79,000RMB granted by the German Embassy, plus 77,400RMB provided by Demang Village, ensured the successful completion of this project.

Local Tibetans cultivate wheat, barley, and rapeseed on 1,300 mu (86.71 hectares) of cropland, which is the main source of local income. A local earthen-reservoir and irrigation ditch were built twenty-six years ago and are of poor quality. The reservoir is small and cannot store the volume of water needed. A government-supported concrete irrigation ditch was severely damaged in 2008 due to flooding. Consequently, locals were unable to irrigate their crops and could only depend on summer rains. The results was poor harvests, which seriously impacted local income and food supply.

With funds from the German Embassy, FCA bought 500 meters of metal tubes and 500 meters of concrete canal that provided irrigation water from the river to the three-meter deep reservoir. Adding one meter of stone and concrete increased reservoir capacity. The reservoir walls were strengthened with stones and concrete. Consequently, the irrigation canal is safe and the reservoir holds adequate water. Local farmers no longer worry about having enough irrigation water for croplands and local income will increase.

Again, we thank the German Embassy for this project that has greatly improved the local irrigation system for 1,047 Tibetan farmers, and thus brought greater security to their lives.


Nangchukja / Robert
Friendship Charity Association