Finnish Embassy Sponsored School in Jiangjia (2006)

(download final report here)


Friday, August 11, 2006

To: The Finnish Embassy in Beijing

We are delighted to report to you on the successful completion of the Tibetan primary school construction project in Wendu Tibetan Autonomous Township, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, Haidong Region, Qinghai Province. With your contribution of 160,000 RMB and the Xunhua Education Bureau and Wendu Township government’s support, we built 5 classrooms for the students, 3 teacher quarters and 2 teacher offices--all of which were very much needed to improve school conditions and local education. The rooms are built in the local Tibetan traditional style using local stones. The walls are very thick (0.8 meter in front and 1.5 meters in the back and sides) and consequently, are warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Furthermore, the builders were Tibetan villagers from the local area therefore, part of your contribution was kept in the local community.

Villagers leveled the schoolyard, flattened the sports ground and built school surrounding walls. The project was completed in close cooperation with local government and villagers in terms of investment and implementation. The project not only benefits local students and teachers in terms of education but also benefits the local people both in terms of presenting an example of appropriate local technology and the local economy, but also in terms of preserving in a public sphere, an example of traditional Tibetan architecture.

The project:

  • Solved the original problems of a lack of space and deteriorated conditions in the old school.
  • The new school will attract more students and teachers to the school thus improving enrollment.
  • Improved the relationship between the villages because the new school is in the center of the local villagers.
  • Is an example of traditional Tibetan buildings and this, plus the local contribution to the project, leads villagers to feel that the school is “our school.”
  • 20 young Tibetan villagers from the local area learned construction skills and earned income from the project.
  • Encouraged the Xunhua Education Bureau to promise to send two additional teachers at beginning of the next semester.

Finally, on behalf of the students, teachers and villagers we extend deepest appreciation for your generous contribution and support.

Project Managers