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Tibetan Village Water Cistern Project
Majiaམ་རྒྱལ། Village, Xunxian ཤོང་ཞན། TownshipHualong དཔའ་ལུང་། Hui Autonomous County
Haidong མཚོ་ཤར། Region
Qinghai མཚོ་སྔོན། Province, PR China
320 impoverished Tibetans
(53 households)
German Embassy = 80,000 RMB
Local Contribution = 72,332 RMB

Dear German Embassy,

Lotus Charity Association respectfully reports that the water cistern project in Majia Village you sponsored was successfully completed. Now village households are using their own cisterns. Here is a comment from Ms. Qiongre Jie ཁྱུང་རིས་སྐྱིད། (pictured above), who benefited from the water cistern project:

I am sixty-two years old and I live with my husband, son, and two grandchildren. Before we had this water cistern, we walked about one kilometer carrying water on our shoulders. Each trip required almost forty minutes and we had to do this two to three times a day. Now we have this new cistern. In summer, we can fill it with rainwater that can be used to wash clothes, water pigs and livestock, and water vegetables. We carry the water from the taps to fill the cistern when we have free time, and can then use the water for drinking when we are very busy, such as when harvesting and planting. Also in winter, the tap near the village freezes and cannot supply water. We fill the cisterns before the taps freeze and thus don’t need to worry about drinking water in winter. I am very grateful to the German Embassy for making our life easier.

The German Embassy provided 80,000 RMB that allowed for a water cistern for each of the village's fifty-three families. Since mid-October 2011, each home has had a water cistern in their household courtyard, or nearby. The responsibility for fetching water is primarily that of girls and women and was a time-consuming activity. On average, a family spent about three hours fetching water daily. Girls and women now spend the saved time to earn income, work in the fields, and take some much-deserved free time.

Villagers contributed labor, stones, and a total of 11,032 RMB in cash. They enthusiastically participated in the project, transporting stone, digging the cistern holes, and pouring concrete. In total, their labor contribution may be valued at 61,300 RMB. This project wonderfully testifies to the German Embassy’s good will and has made a powerful positive difference in the lives of Majia villagers.

In sincere appreciation,

Caihua Dorji (Luke)