• Dpal ldan bkra shis and Kevin Stuart. 1998. ‘Perilous Novelties’: The A mdo Tibetan Klu rol Festival in Gling rgyal Village. Anthropos 93:31-53.

Gling rgyal Tibetan Village, Rma lho (Huangnan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, PR China is the site of a summer festival known as klu rol, which is held to please mountain deities through the village's resident, male spirit mediums. The mountain deities are beseeched to protect the village's crops and livestock and exorcize evil from the villagers through villagers' dances and offerings. This article is made available through the kind permission of the Anthropos Institute.

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  • Dpal ldan bkra shis and CK Stuart. 2009. An Amdo Tibetan Village New Year Trance Medium Ritual. Asian Highlands Perspectives 1:53-63.

Gling rgyal Village's (Tongren County, Rma lho [Huangnan] Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Mtsho sngon [Qinghai] Province, China) Mag pa Mountain God lha ba Lo sar (Tibetan New Year) Ritual is described. Despite recent scholarly attention to Reb gong klu rol, ritualized lha ba (spirit medium) activity and dances in the context of Lo sar in Reb gong have been ignored. Ru zhol ma and Ru gong ma are Gling rgyal groups that held the ritual on the first day of the first month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. This presentation describes preparatory activities, rituals at Mag pa Shrine, and the Ru zhol ma threshing ground in the late twentieth century, illustrating that klu rol embraces certain dances and other activities that that are also performed during Lo sar.

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Filmed in 1996 by Zhu Yongzhong, this is the oldest reasonably complete film of the ritual we are aware of that is on-line and shows the ritual before it became a major tourist attraction.

A better quality version of this film may be downloaded for free at