Final Report


Teaching Programs in Five Village Schools

关于 2011 年青海省贵南县举办乡村寒暑假培训项目的终期报告


Dear HuaQiao Foundation and One Global Village, We are delighted to report on the teaching programs in Bon skor, Demang, Rabgan, Jangja, and Keba (Mangra (Guinan) County, (Mtsho lho) Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, (Mtsho sngon) Qinghai Province, PR China). Contributions of 6,595RMB in January and 15,000RMB in August 2011 from HuaQiao Foundation, 8,177.50RMB in January and 8,000RMB in August from One Global Village, and 18,576RMB from local contributions made these teaching programs for 642 students in five Tibetan village schools a reality. Thirty-one teachers from universities across China in winter (10-26 January 2011) and summer (August) holidays of 2011 participated. During the teaching program, teachers taught English, Tibetan, Chinese, and math. Half of the teachers were from local communities, resulting in effective communication between the teachers and students. Textbook adjustments were made according to past experience and a recent teaching evaluation.

During the program, 10RMB was collected from each student as a textbook fee. FCA staff followed evaluated the project with surveys to teachers and students. Their feedback is provided in the following pages.

The program strengthened students’ knowledge of Tibetan, English, and Chinese thereby empowering students in their encounters with the outside world. The program also raises awareness of the importance of education in terms of parents and local government.

I extend sincere appreciation for your continuing support of these teaching programs. Sincerely,


Director Friendship Charity Association