· Introduction
· How to avoid many sicknesses
· How to have a clean, nice smelling Tibetan toilet
· Diarrhoea
· Healing without medicine
· Teeth - How to clean and tooth ache
· How to keep your Baby healthy
· Breast Feeding
· Feeding your baby age 6 months and older
· Nutrition
· Iodine in your diet
· Safe pregnancy and delivery
· Common Cold
· A Child with a Serious Cough
· Tuberculosis
· Smoking and taking Snuff
· Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure
· Hepatitis, Alcohol and Liver Disease
· AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections
· Eye problems
· Ear infection
· First Aid - Care of wounds, bleeding and bandages
· First Aid - Care of Burns, drowning and choking
· Mental illness

INTRODUCTION This book is for anyone who wants their village to be a clean and healthy place. Prevention of disease is much better and cheaper than taking medicines to cure disease. We hope that if you practice some of the things in this book, your village will be a healthy place in which your families can live, play and work. Many of the things we have suggested do not need extra money. They depend on the way you live. A good teacher will teach most effectively by example. The teacher's habits must be healthy as well as his words. Try to be a good example in your community. You can not tell people that smoking is harmful to their health, with a cigarette in your mouth. They will not believe you!