XUNHUA TIBETAN FOLK CULTURE: THE VIDEO COLLECTION . Edited and distributed by Friends of Rural Community Development and produced by Mayuk Cultural Video Company. Informant: Kha Bum; Conceived by: Lugyal and Tsering Bum; Writers: Lhalung, Kelsang Renchin, and Lugyal; Videographers: Lhalung and Kelsang Renchin; Narrators: Renchin Kyi, Travis McCauley, and Jenny Bright; and Editor: Daklha Gyal. Nine DVDs: 1: Tibetan New Year Festival; 2: Great Prayer Festival; 3: Religious Rituals; 4: Fifth Lunar Month Picnic; 5: Lab Rste Ritual; 6: Tibetan Wedding; 7: Folk Songs; 8: Children Games; and 9: Work Songs.

This project was implemented to preserve Tibetan folk culture activities that are rapidly vanishing. We thank individuals and organizations who supported us. We also extend sincere appreciation to the United States Embassy in Beijing for sponsoring the project (the Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation Program). Finally, we hope more people will join in the important task of preserving a record of traditional culture.

The video materials focus on Tibetan townships in Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, Haidong Region, Qinghai Province, PR China.

The videos may be watched and downloaded from these sites: